Accreditation Services
ABICUS is a recognized quality assurance and accreditation agency with the following range of services :
1.  international Christian Colleges, Polytechnics, and Universities-
a. Institutional Accreditation.
b. Programmatic Accreditation at Certificate, Diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor, Masters, Doctorates and PhD levels.
2.International Business Schools and Seminaries.
3. International Schools and High Schools Accreditation.

Criteria for Accreditation:
ABICUS Conditions of Eligibility for Accreditation:
All applicant institutions must satisfy ABICUS with the following eligibility criteria:
1. Must be a government registered entity in good standing, 2. must be licensed to carry out its activities.
3. must have establishing charter, approval or license to operate by the ministry of education,
4. Proof adequate physical campus.
5. proof of functional board of trustee.
6. Sound university administration.
7. qualified PhD faculty.
8. Proof of internal Quality Assurance and policies.
9. Adequate  Learning resources,
10. 30 credits of General studies,
11. Assessment and Public Accountability. 1 is continually updated and contains no misleading information.
13. Sound Accounting and record-keeping practice.
14. Independent Annual Audit showing statement of sound financial position.
15. sound academic curriculum.
16. Site Resources Verification and Accreditation Visit.

Accreditation Process 

Demonstrating Compliance:

Evaluative Criteria and Typical Documentation


Accreditation Policies Hand Book

Self-Study Policies/ Guidelines