Accreditation Bureau  For International Colleges, Universities  & Schools. (ABICUS Florida Christian Schools) Is a transnational accrediting and awarding body chartered by Florida Department of State . ABICUS is  not an alternative to national & regional accreditation. Hence, we only accept ministry of education  recognized, authorized, approved & licensed institutions as members. We  encourage our members to obtain  a regional or national accreditation.


ABICUS Accreditation Services

ABICUS is a recognized quality assurance and accreditation agency with the following range of services :
1. International Colleges, International Polytechnics and International Universities-

a. Institutional Accreditation.

b. Programmatic Accreditation at Certificate, Diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor, Masters, Doctorates and PhD levels.
2.International Business Schools and Seminaries.
3. International Schools and High Schools Accreditation.

Scope of Accreditation:

1. Institutional full accreditation .

2. programmatic.

3 at all levels of education. 

4. serve all institutions in all the globe that  have no accreditation agency or framework to accredit their type of institutions.

Accredited Members List

Member institutions

1. Full Accredited members list
2. Programmatic Accreditation list
3. Associate Members list
4. Affiliate members list                             

5. Corporate Members

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Download Application for Membership
1. Application for Institutional Accreditation
2. Application for Programmatic Accreditation 3. Associate Membership Application 
4. Affiliate membership  Application                  5. Corporate Membership Application